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    "Cradle of Wings - In Memory"

    by Pam Armstrong
    Susan Armstrong Lunn

    Cradle of Wings Productions
    Copyright 2006

    Ten percent of all profits will go to SIDS Research

  • There is no sorrow greater than the loss of a beloved child. It is our hope that this song and artwork will help to express the feelings within yourself and the feelings that others may be experiencing.

    The Story Behind the Song

    On the day that my friend was approved to adopt a baby boy, he died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.) During the funeral, it occurred to me that there were very few songs that address the death of a child. There was nothing played or sung at the funeral that helped us to express or move through that intense, yet tender grief over the loss of a baby.

    Later that day the concept of angels' hallelujah's hushing to lullabies came to me. From there I began to draw on the talents of other members of my family. Collaborating with my songwriter sister, Sue Armstrong Lunn, we wrote "Cradle of Wings--In Memory". My brother-in-law, Michael G. Lunn, produced the song in his recording studio. I sat amazed as he and my sister, Sue, added the other instruments piano, strings and guitar all tuned to the emotions of my heart. The final touch was the rich alto voice of my sister, Julia Armstrong Peltz, on the harmonies.

    I asked my artist sister, Kari Armstrong, to create a sympathy card that would go along with the song. She drew the image you see above. I cried the first time I saw it because it created within me a sense of tender beauty, comfort and peace. I am deeply grateful that my family came together with their talents, advice, encouragement and time and made an idea become a reality. (Thank you, dear ones!)

    Writing this song was a healing experience for me. I had lost a child through miscarriage. To give her a presence and identity in my life, I had named her Hope. I never got to hold her, rock her, or kiss her little face, yet she had already been born in my heart. When the lyrics to this song came to me, they provided a sense of peace and closure, and named the place in my heart where I have always felt her presence.

    In general, though, this was a difficult project to work on, because we wish that there would never be a need for such a song. We wish that no one would ever experience the loss of a child, whether they are a mother, father, relative or friend. But if you are facing such a loss, it is my prayer that this song will be helpful in this intense time of grief. As you move through this heart-broken time, please know that you, too, are held in tender embrace - in a cradle of wings.