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    "Cradle of Wings - In Memory"

    by Pam Armstrong
    Susan Armstrong Lunn

    Cradle of Wings Productions
    Copyright 2006

    Ten percent of all profits will go to SIDS Research

  • Some feedback from people who have received Cradle of Wings

    "We used your wonderful song, Cradle of Wings, for my 15 month grandsonís funeral. We made a slide show of photos of him with this song for the music and it was played at his memorial service. We also played the song at the beginning of his memorial service. It was so peaceful and touching and perfect. Many, many people who attended commented on how perfect the music was. Thanks to your family for creating this piece of music." Sue

    "Your song is beautiful. It brought me to tears when I heard it, but also gave me a sense of peace." Lesley

    "I just listened to the song. Our dear son, Daniel, was stillborn on August 16 this year. What a beautiful way to say goodbye, or better yet, see you when it's our time to join you in Heaven...." Lisa

    "I just have to stop and thank you for writing this song. My husband downloaded it for our son's graveside services today... our little one Dylan, passed at 19 weeks due to an extra long cord around his neck. This song has been with me throughout the day and has brought comfort to my heart, and I just wanted to take this moment to pause and thank you!" Leslee

    I am a pastor who has been dealing with a young couple who just lost their two-month old son. I found your song and thought it might provide some comfort and release as they go through the grieving process. Your song really touched my heart. God bless your ministry. Mike

    Thank you very much for the kind note, and the help with the song. It truly is a blessing to my heart, and such comfort. I listen to it many times a day and find a strange peace that I cannot create by myself. You are an angel, and have the voice of an angel. God Bless You! LW

    I can't begin to describe how much comfort your song and card has brought to (her) parents and family and how awestruck friends were who listened to it. FA