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    "Cradle of Wings - In Memory"

    by Pam Armstrong
    Susan Armstrong Lunn

    Cradle of Wings Productions
    Copyright 2006

    Ten percent of all profits will go to SIDS Research

  • Cradle of Wings - In Memory
    Pay Online through Pay Pal to Download the MP3 File

    Download an mp3 file of "Cradle of Wings - In Memory" after paying $2.48 (plus a 20% shipping and handling charge that actually covers web site expenses Enter your zip code for the shipping info, even though it will not be shipped.)

    6.75 % sales tax will be added for MN residents.

    Read all three instructions below before doing anything.

    1. Start the payment process by clicking on this 'Pay Now' button.

    2. After the payment process is completed, return to this page.

    3. CLICK HERE to go to the download page. Use the 'Item/Product Number' info from the Pay Pal receipt for logging in on the download page. The part on the receipt in the 'Item/Product Number' box before the dash is the user and the part after the dash is the password. Some receipts outside the US have been reported as not containing the item number. If this happens on your receipt email gary@garyritner.org and the login will be sent to you promptly (often a few minutes but never longer than 8 hours). Make sure that you do not type in an extra space. Do not include the dash. The number at the end of the password is the number one. The user word starts with the letter c and the password starts with the letter w. Most important of all: if you have a popup blocker preventing popup windows, you will not be able to see the login requesting your password. Turn off the blocker or hold down the ctrl key to allow the window to appear. You will know that there is a popup blocker problem if all you see is a blank page when you click on the download page link.

    If you need help downloading, send email to my techie,